An Overview Of The duolingoenglish test

Before, it was tough to have access to learning and taking certifications in foreign languages. Though it was crucial for many opportunities abroad and working in one’s country, a certificate from attending a class for six months to a year was expensive. However, Duolingo changed the playing field for anyone wanting to learn another language. It is the company that launched a certification test in the English language in 2018.

It is virtually similar to any English test out there, but the difference lies in the fact that you can take the exam in the comfort of your home. Imagine preparing for it through your laptop and finally taking it without the pressure brought about by a silent exam room, where you engage with other people who want to pass the exam, too. It breeds so much insecurity, and you would only want to go through it without much hassle along the way.

  • Any credibility?

Of course, the English test from the well-renowned app Duolingo is as credible as other English tests out there. Though, to be fair, it is not as prevalent as other English testing centers which provide certificates that have proven themselves ever since, Duolingo’s English test it making its entry into universities which accept the test scores of students who take their English proficiency tests through the app.

 So, if you want to study abroad but you cannot afford the expensive prices form these testing institutes, then Duolingo can be of help, just make sure you have checked whether the university you target offers certification through the app.

The app is accepted to more than a thousand universities all around the world, so even if your first-choice university does not accept you, you will not lose out from the thousand other universities out there, especially since Harvard Medical School among other universities from the Unites States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and European countries accept your testing from Duolingo.

  • What are its advantages?

There are quite a lot of advantages in choosing to go through Duolingo’s English test than another one. For one, the app’s test comes at only 49 dollars. Imagine how much money you would be able to save by choosing this proficiency testing method over other testing institutes.

Moreover, it is in the comfort of your home, which means you will not have to travel and spend money in commute and for eating while you are there. You cannot say you pay for the internet because you will pay for it even if you do not take any English proficiency exam at all. Secondly, it provides results within two days. So, even if you are in a rush to provide certain documentations, especially your English proficiency exam results if you come from a non-native English speaking country, where documents might take two weeks to a month, which can be a hassle since it is not like your focus is fixated in one thing, being the test only, right?


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