How can you extend your iPhone battery life?


Many people have ended up being frustrated in one way or another especially when they are in an event or occasion, trying to be occupied on your phone only to realize that your battery is low and there is nowhere to charge. If you had just charged your phone, you will yell internally ‘why is my iPhone battery draining so fast? Is iPhone supposed to be a good phone or what?’ So many of us have been there and we understand how it can be frustrating for your phones to drain their power that fast. If your iPhone is draining its battery fast, that doesn’t mean that it’s having battery issues. There are things that you can do to make sure that your battery life is prolonged. Here are some of the most important things to do

Know what is causing the battery drain

You can use battery usage data to know what is causing your iPhone battery to drain that fast. By doing that, you will see and know how much power each application is using. You just have to go to settings then select battery. There are some applications that we are addicted to and they are the reason why our power is draining so fast. Although many people do not want to accept that applications such as Facebook consume a lot of power, they indeed do and as long as we are on Facebook, we will never be able to retain power for a very long time.

Turn down your brightness

The next thing to do so that you can extend your battery life is by making sure that your iPhone brightness is turned down. This is the best way ever to save your battery life because the brighter the light, the greater the battery drain. It is very simple to turn down your brightness. You just have to go to your phone settings, select display then select brightness. It is one of the most straightforward settings that you will ever find on your iPhone. This will save you from iPhone battery  replacement all the time.

Decreasing your auto-lock time

While you are busy adjusting your brightness, you should also make sure that your auto-lock time is adjusted accordingly. Do not let your phone stay on for a very long time even when you are not using it. This setting will control how quickly your display will shut off and the time taken for your phone to shut off after inactivity. When your phone is locked when it’s not active, it will automatically lead to less battery drain.

Turn off Bluetooth and WI-FI Some other things that drain our batteries are WI-FI and Bluetooth. After using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, consider turning them off. This is a very straightforward setting that you can use to save your battery life. The truth of the matter is that iPhone burns a huge amount of battery searching for Bluetooth signals and Wi-fi. Instead of overworking your battery for no reason, turn off the functions at once.


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