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At times we feel helpless. Some people wish to get on the right track. But certainly, they could not. Because of lack of help or right guidance as for that matter. Sometimes the bad elements of society that we see are not actually bad. All you need to do is look at them with the right vision and the vision of empathy. And then you would be able to understand those bad elements which we always degraded were not actually bad. Rather, they were the victims of bad decisions and a lack of help. People at times are too naïve to understand what is right and what is wrong. That could be because of the situation they are in. It can also be because of a lack of experience.

Easy to influence the younger generation.

Certainly, it is quite easy to get young people on the wrong side of the track. They can easily be on the side of life which would not give them joy. But will only serve misery to them. They might enjoy the path. But as that dark path of life starts to deteriorate the soul, the mind, and the will to live. Only then does the person realize what they did was wrong. And to be very honest by the time they realize, it gets too late. It is not a story. Or something untrue. These are all facts and literally, people have gone through such misery and hardships of their bad decisions so to say.

To be very honest all such addictive abuses as drugs, alchohol, nicotine, etc. Might give a very pleasant experience in the beginning as for that matter. But these are the after-effects that could ruin your whole life. Certainly, we should all pray that no one takes that route of life. But if someone, unfortunately, ends up there. Then we as a society should be the right guidance to those who need and seek help. We as fellow human beings can contribute by providing our help and rightful guidance to those who need that. Sometimes, what a person may need is someone who could listen to them and can give advice to them.

Give an atmosphere of unconditional positive regard.

To be fair it is not a lot to ask. But really is hard to provide. If you are willing to help. Then do not judge. People are afraid to get help because they think that they would be judged for it. You need to give them this assurity. And also provide them an atmosphere and environment of unconditional positive regard. A person can grow a lot in such an empathetic environment as for that matter. It could be a bit hard to find that environment of unconditional positive regard in society.

But do not worry. If you need that then you will get it at the solutions recovery center. Here, you will be given whatever you need to become a better person. Solutions recovery center would give you a chance to get on the right side of life.


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