Blast Your Whole Body with resistance bands exercise

It was hard to buy home stuff when the Corona Virus pandemic started and we all must take steps to make sure that we never have to stay at home for a long time without being able to work out. Now with resistance bands exercise which is one of the finest ways to get started, even when the rest of the world goes dark, these items, along with tinned food, toilet paper, petrol, and Marmite, should be at the top of your list of must-haves.

Remarkable Price within Your Budget!

In addition to being inexpensive and effective, resistance bands also take up less space in storage than almost any other type of training equipment. Since you can throw them in your bag when the world is not on edge, they are also great for when you need to get in a quality exercise on the go as well as they work for everything from leisurely strength sessions to high-intensity interval training. 

Here are some workout suggestions to get you started if you’re lacking inspiration for a full-body resistance bands exercise. If you have the time, go for an extra round or two or do some more sets, the entire training will not take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

  • 1st   biceps curl with one arm
  • 2nd 2 Flyes
  • 3rd Front Squatting
  • 4th Side-lying Hip Abduction 
  • 5th Gluteal Bridge
  • 6th  Splitter 
  • 7th Lateral Walking (side to side walk)
  • 8th Push-ups
  • 9th Squat to overhead press

This Workout Requires Resistance Bands of a Certain Type

They all do the same thing, yet they are different accordingly when it comes to their strength. A straight band with two ends is also available, as are looped bands of various diameters and strengths and to be able to facilitate holding, the latter are frequently equipped with handles. 

Red and green colored resistance bands are tougher than yellow, with black and blue being the toughest of the bunch, and yellow being the weakest of all the colors, as a result, it’s usually a good idea to verify your fitness level before making a purchase.

There are Five Main Varieties of Resistance Bands

  1. Tube Strength Bands with Handles
  2. Rubber Mini-Bands & Non-Slip Fabric Hip Circle Bands
  3. Resistance bands that use light therapy
  4. Figure 8 shows the bands

Small looping bands can be purchased for as little as 10-15 dollars or less, some companies provide them with packages with include a carrying case, so to keep them tidy and easy to find. However, if you want larger looping bands, you can purchase them separately.  


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s lifestyle has changed to the extent that we become sluggish and most lazy in our homes but now with the easy and affordable exercise equipment and accessories, there is no reason anymore not to exercise or improve your training workout. And what is best you can consult your trainers online on which equipment is best for you to make use of and if you do not have one, there are a vast number of sports training influencers on social media sights that can help you for free and I am pretty sure you will come across resistance training exercises with the use of bands, choose your resistance colors wisely for the exactly strength training.


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