How do you Remove Stains from your Silk Pjs?

Do you have a silk pajama set womens in your room? Have you ever thought of hurling your pajama away because of stains? Stains are the most heart-wrenching things that can devour your feelings when it gets stuck on your silk sleepwear. How do you remove them from your pajama can be a daunting task and make you abhor items made of silks?

In any case, do you have to discard them? After reading this post, you’ll have a resounding answer to this. Whilst, this article will inform you of the possible solutions that you can use when your silks sleepwear has some stains.

With the strategies expounded in this post, you’ll learn both the natural way to remove the stain on your silk sleepwear and the appropriate ways to delete stains using ingredients. For brand new silk wear, the following points will lead you on the way.

However, it is recommended that you maintain a bottle of glycerin in your house for emergency occurrence. Having said that, let’s kill the thirst by highlighting the most important way to remove stains in your silk pajama set womens;

  • Dab the affected area gently with warm water
  • Use talcum powder to remove oil stains
  • Use of glycerine

Dab the Affected Area Gently with Warm Water

We all love to drink wine before we sleep just to refresh your mind. While drinking wine, some might spill onto your silk sleepwear and turn to stain your silk with wine.

This can hurt your feelings especially when the wine spills on your white pajamas. But worry not. There is a simple solution to these, you’ll have to dab the affected area with warm water several times to dilute the stain.

After dabbing in warm water, wash your silk as normal with room temperature water. Hot water might damage the pajamas.

Use Talcum Powder to remove oil stains

Do you cook your night meals in your shiny and beautiful pajamas?

Yes, sometimes you can arrive home late and put on your pajamas for healthy breathing. And, in the process, you might carry on with your routine cooking while dressed in your pajamas. By mistake, oil gets attached to your sleepwear. This is a big disaster, right?

When you want to remove oil from your silk sleepwear, simply sprinkle talcum powder on the stained part, and for approximately, 20 minutes, leave your cloth for it to react with the stain. After 20 minutes, brush off the stain.

Use of Glycerine

Glycerine is majorly used to remove coffee or tea stains.

When such happens, you can sponge the part affected with lukewarm water and meticulously rub glycerine over it.

After rubbing, rinse the area with water to remove the stain.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy to remove stain from your silk pajama set womens if you don’t know what it takes to clear them up. However, the above factors will help you maintain your silk sleepwear pajamas brand as clean as possible.


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