PTI’s Temperature Scanners For Covid-19

Fear of COVID-19 has compelled businesses throughout the country to embrace a “new normal” that involves daily temperature checks on each and every person who enters a place of business. While this may be viable for some small businesses, many bigger businesses are moving away from thermometers in favor of more energy-efficient options. In the sections below, we’ll define thermal, fever-screening technology and discuss the top six benefits of installing it at your place of work.

How Does Fever-Screening Technology Work

Temperature Scanners technology refers to any equipment that is designed to quickly, accurately, and accurately determine a subject’s internal temperature without the need of physical contact. Among the equipment that may be employed are thermal cameras, specialized temperature stations, and contactless, portable infrared weapons.

What Is It And How Does It Operate

Everything mentioned before, including cameras, temperature stations, and infrared thermometer guns, operate by using harmless infrared radiation that is reflected back off of a person’s skin and read by the camera, temperature station, or infrared thermometer gun.

Certain systems compare the subject’s temperature reading to a reference temperature, while others may self-calibrate and compute the subject’s internal temperature based on a single scan of the subject’s temperature. Fever-screening technology is gaining popularity as a means of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Primary Benefits Of PTI’s Temperature Scanners

  • The first benefit is that it contributes to limiting the spread of COVID-19. A high body temperature is one of the most prevalent signs of illness, and infrared scanning can swiftly determine whether or not an individual’s temperature has raised at all in this case.
  • Benefit 2: Because the equipment is computer-controlled and utilizes infrared technology, temperature readings may be taken fast, even when a large number of persons is being tested concurrently.
  • Due to the fact that thermal technology measures temperature without making physical contact with the object being measured, the device requires little cleaning between uses.
  • Fourth, these systems are foolproof, which means that anybody, expert or not, can use the cameras, software, and hardware on these systems fast and without much training.
  • Additionally to the fact that the readings are contactless and safe for the persons being examined, the operator is completely shielded from infection throughout the readings.
  • Because thermal technology is not temperature dependant, it may be used for temperature screening in big, medium-sized, and small locations.

Temperature Scanners are gaining popularity among businesses because it enables the rapid diagnosis of fever in employees and customers. Learn more about our fever-screening systems and how they can help you quickly and efficiently welcome customers into your location while also ensuring the safety of all parties involved! Protective Technologies International has been in business for over 45 years, producing the most sensitive metal detecting systems on the market, as well as temperature scanners, x-ray scanners, and other products. Modern mining, refining, retail, and hotel enterprises are using cutting-edge technology to identify and prevent the loss of their precious metal inventory, as well as to aid in the discovery of covid-19 fever patients.


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