What Is the work of a Fire Watch Guard?

Fire Watch Guards is a critical component of a fire department’s preparedness plan. Fire Watch Guards is highly trained personnel that are designated to man Engine Compartments, Fire Control Rooms, Ladder Posts and Fire Stations at all locations throughout the State of New York. They are also responsible for answering calls concerning any area that may be burning or have a smoke. As a part of their Fire Watch Guard duty, Fire Watch Guards should wear the proper equipment to protect them from accidental injury or combustion. Fire Watch Guards should also be licensed by the state in which they serve to ensure that they have been screened for adequate training and competency.

The Fire Control room is usually located in an underground facility like a steel building. Fire Watch Guards performs the same duties as firefighters, except they are not allowed to enter the structure to assist firefighters unless authorized to do so by a supervisor. Fire Watch Guards will stand in the line at the front of the station, watching for any sign of fire, smoke or other emergency signs.

Fire Watch Guards are required to wear full protective clothing, including: high-visibility jackets with flame retardant material, gloves, boots, and head protection. Fire Watch Guards are also required to use fire fighting equipment that is up to par according to the fire department’s standards. In addition, Fire Watch Guards is prohibited from carrying guns unless they are licensed by the state to carry firearms. Fire Watch Guards is also prohibited from carrying any tools that could be used to start a fire, such as lighter or matches.

Fire Watch Guards is under the supervision of a senior fire officer. Their role is to man all of the fire departments in the county that they serve. A fire watch guard may work at a single station for several counties or they may be assigned to multiple stations throughout the county. Their job description will include assisting in communication between the fire department and the rest of the fire agency as well as making sure all of the fire watch training that they have been required to complete is completed and approved. They will assist in the training of the firefighters as well as the inspection of fire equipment at the various stations.

Fire Watch Guards will work at the front of the station, where they will be stationed while the firefighters are on duty. Firefighters will enter a building through an access point usually found near the front door. The Fire Watch Guard will be stationed at this entrance watching for any sign of fire. If a fire is spotted inside the building, the Fire Watch Guard will report it to the Fire Captain. The Fire Captain will then notify the fire fighters that there is a fire in the building and ask for their assistance.

Fire Watch Guards are required to have a background in fire safety. Basic training in fire prevention as well as fire watch tactics is usually required of all individuals who wish to become involved with the Fire Watch Guard profession. As a trainee you will learn the basics of fire engineering and safety and be able to help firefighters learn how to stop fires from happening. There are many different training courses available in both the United States and Canada. Fire Watch Training classes offer many hours of classroom instruction as well as practical fire engineering training that you will be able to carry out in your role as a fire guard.


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