What you should never do with vape batteries

Just like any other devices, vapes too need to be taken good care if at all you want them to last longer. e-liquid Edmonton can be very costly that replacing them time and again may leave you very drained financially. While use of e-cigarettes is increasingly becoming popular, knowing how it benefits or affects you is important to keep yourself protected. Vapes are mostly better alternatives to actual cigarette smoking according to most people that pick it up as a habit. As you do your research, here are a few things you should never do with your vape batteries unless you do not mind getting a new vape.

Failing to be observant when charging

E-cigs are not the same as your mobile phone or laptop that you could leave charging for several hours. It can easily burst into flames when overcharged or worse still get spoilt making it hectic to vape before making the necessary replacements. Do not take your eyes off the system when charging in order to remove it once charging is complete. Negligence can see you go through a string of losses having to make replacements each and every time you leave you charging battery unmonitored.

Surpassing required amps

If you ever attended a physics class before, then you understand the essence of ohms law in the charging and discharging of batteries. The details can be a lifesaver in terms of improving your batteries’ longevity and safety. To ensure you remain within your limits, confirm the discharge rate which is in amps and then subdivide it with the coil resistance voltage. You should never surpass the amount you find after these calculations as they differ from one

Using other vape’s chargers on your e-cigarette  

This can be done with laptops and smartphones but never attempt this activity with your vaporizer today. Considering most of the vape models resemble each other in designs, you may be tempted to use an available charger even if it is not the one that came with your vape when you were making the purchase. The volts dispensed by chargers vary depending on the requirement of the vape device. You can easily overcharge or under charge your vape battery damaging its functionality. Strictly adhere to the charger you were given with your device and replace it from a renowned dealer but it will have to be of the same type.

Buy a low quality vape

The quality of you vape determine a lot of things for a vape smoker today. The vaping experience you get from your electronique cigarette is determined by the quality of the device. Invest in the right equipment to enjoy a durable vape. The batteries are even better when you consider the quality before making the purchases, it reduces the possibility of finding faulty batteries or a poor vape experience. A good online vape store should be your top priority when looking for an ideal place to shop from. Be very cautious over which sites you shop from for the best supplies and vaping devices.


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