Insurance For Caterers Complete Guide

Unless you’re a complete novice in the catering industry, you should have caterers insurance in place to protect your mobile or stationary catering business from accidents and lawsuits. To find out more about this issue, you’ve come to the right place.. This article provides an overview of the most important aspects of insurance for caterers.

A Little Bit Of Background About The Catering Industry

About 5,000 catering businesses are in existence in the United Kingdom. Catering now generates more than £680 million in yearly income in the United Kingdom alone. A staggering £760 million is expected to be earned by the sector as a whole by the end of 2010 based on current estimates.

In a business where there are so many players and participants, insurance is a need. This has been partly due to the fact that general liability insurance does not always offer sufficient coverage. In addition, specialist companies may be able to utilize their resources for this industry, resulting in lower premiums for customers as a consequence.

Who Qualifies For Caterers Insurance

Everyone who conducts a food service, whether it’s a professional, full- or part-time operation, needs insurance for caterers. An adequate amount of insurance and liability coverage is a need if you want to protect your business.

Catering vans and trailers are highly specialized vehicles. Often, they are tailored to meet the specific needs of the catering business owner. In light of this fact, most standard automobile and fleet insurance policies do not cover catering equipment.

As a result, the catering business is seen as having a particular need for insurance coverage. Because they only have to deal with one kind of insurance, customers benefit from a provider’s capacity to lower prices.

Insurance For Specialty Caterers Often Includes The Following Coverages

  • Damage to the trailer caused by a fire or robbery is one example of accidental damage.
  • Damage or loss of commercial goods, such as frozen food, is possible.
  • Due to unexpected incidents, company activities are disrupted.
  • Catering vehicle breakdown and recovery services
  • Responsibility for the benefit of the public
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Employer’s responsibility

Several of the variations of cover mentioned above are not conventional choices. For the most part, these features may only be accessible on a certain insurance plan.

Finding Insurance Policy Numbers

Another option is to do a few internet searches for insurance coverage. Insurance quotes are available from a wide range of providers at wildly differing costs. If you’re looking for the lowest insurance, though, it may not offer you the coverage you need to keep your business running smoothly. In many cases, it is difficult to determine exactly what a certain insurance policy covers and excludes. Doubts should not be brushed aside in these situations. Your premiums might wind up being a total waste of money if you don’t contact the company and read the fine print. Joining a well-known caterer’s association is another great way to get caterers’ insurance. Catering trailer insurance is a common perk included in many of these memberships.


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